Wise Men successfully develops a solution for Itron’s IEE Application migration to SAP HANA Database

Wise Men in partnership with SAP and Itron have successfully enabled Itron’s IEE application to run on the SAP HANA database platform.


The Wise Men team collaborated with architects and engineers from both SAP and Itron, leveraging an onshore-offshore model to develop the solution. Wise Men used its experience from multiple SAP HANA implementation projects to design, develop, test and implement the system. The current IEE database interface architecture was modified to enable the IEE application to work on SAP HANA.


Wise Men successfully completed the project using Wise Men teams consisting of SAP HANA experts, C# and SQL developers, Solution Architects, Business Analysts, MDM domain experts, Database experts and Quality Assurance personnel. Wise Men converted Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Packages, and Schemas for objects identified by SAP. The team worked to code, validate, optimize and migrate 7,900+ complex components to run seamlessly on the SAP HANA database. In July 2018, the solution was scale tested in COIL (Co-Innovation Lab of SAP) for 5 million meters showing an increase in performance over SQL Server and Oracle of 81%.


Itron IEE customers can now leverage the robust SAP HANA database platform to operate the IEE application and extend its capabilities using the HANA platform to perform real-time operational analytics on incoming data to better understand overall AMI system operation.

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