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Starting January 1st 2015, the US Pharma industries need to have their production and products serialized at an item level to facilitate Track & Trace the pharma products in order to avoid drug Counterfeiting which has become a global issue. Wise Men can help those Pharmaceutical companies who run their ERP on SAP to meet this new legislation.


This blog looks into the details of this new bill and the mandates as far as tracking and tracing of finished goods are concerned.


The bill contains “THREE” main provisions for pharmaceutical manufacturers:

  1. Capturing transactions on a lot level (2015)
  2. Serializing items on a package level and capturing the data in electronic format (2017)
  3. Serializing items on a package level and capturing the data including aggregating data in an electronic format which is fully inter-operable (2023)



  1. “See what Pharmatimes says”
  2. “See what Pharmacovigilanceasia says”
  3. “See what SAP Community says”


Wise Men has prepared a Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) to meet these new legislative requirements and the demo on the solution will be shortly available at “Wise Men SAP Serialization Solution for Pharma Industries”.


About Author: Krishna Prasad is the SAP Practice and Delivery Manager at Wise Men. His Core strengths include establishing business processes within built-in controls and standardization and integration of Supply Chain management. He has successfully completed full life cycle implementation, upgrades, roll out and Support Projects and has worked in different industries with clients worldwide specializing in the Pharma Industry.  (put the highlighted only if it is true otherwise Delete)

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