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Easy Button for Intelligent ERP with S/4HANA

Innovate Now to Lead Tomorrow

The Wise Men Easy Button Package for Utilities is a key step on the journey to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. S4/HANA, the Intelligent ERP in the Cloud, delivers unmatched automation, best practices, and business process standards to give you the flexibility to optimize and effectively transform your business at your own pace.

Why adopt Intelligent ERP with S/4HANA now?

Easy Button

  • Gain Competitive Edge
  • Drive Cost Savings
  • Innovate at Market Speed
  • Accelerate Growth with a Modern Cloud ERP Solution
  • Future Proof Operating Landscape

What Strategic Value does Intelligent ERP with S/4HANA bring to the Utilities Industry?

Promote Operational Excellence

Promote Operational

Support Regulatory Compliance and Security

Support Regulatory
Compliance and Security

Generate New Revenue Opportunities

Generate New Revenue

Robust Customer Insights

Robust Customer

Introducing the Easy Button from Wise Men Consultants!

What is the Wise Men Easy Button?

The Wise Men Easy Button is a business transformation as a service offering. It is a bundle of products, tools and services that facilitate the journey to Cloud within one simple commercial construct. It brings together what you will need to transform your business in a way that works best for you. Its removes complexity and guides our clients in their business transformation journey. The Wise Men Easy Button offers a faster time to value and the flexibility Utilities require without the typical high upfront investment.

Simple end to end solution package with single subscription offering the following:

  • Business Process Intelligence Services
  • Embedded Migration Tools and Services
  • SAP S/4HANA based Cloud deployment model of choice
  • Infrastructure as a Service subscription package (Hyperscaler of choice)
  • SAP Business Technology Platform Consumption Credits
  • SAP Business Network Starter Package

Easy Button

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