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IT Infrastructure Automation

IT Infrastructure automation is used to perform tasks with reduced human intervention. Applying automation to common IT Infrastructure management activities simplifies operation and helps to accelerate processes and scale environments seamlessly. User file system and HA management maintenance operations are simplified by deploying system automation typically written in PowerShell, Python and PERL scripts

Ansible automation tool is used to provision the underlying infrastructure of environment, virtualized hosts and hypervisors, network devices, and bare metal servers. It also helps in automating install services, apply patches, software deployments, add virtual hosts and provision resources, services, and applications on the cloud.

SCCM automation tool is used in patch management for operating systems, servers, third-party and legacy applications. It enables clients to push out relevant operating systems, applications, and updates to Windows users quickly and cost-effectively.

AutoSys is an automated job control system for scheduling, monitoring, and reporting in heterogeneous compute environments.


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