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Security Policy

What is ISMS?

Information is an asset which, is strategic business assets, has value to an organization and consequently needs to be suitably protected and Information Security is the preservation of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information; other properties, such as authenticity, accountability, non-repudiation, and reliability may also be managed through controls, systems and management for Business continuity, risk mitigation and process improvements for better result.

Ensuring information security in providing Application development, Application maintenance, system integration and Enterprise IT infrastructure Management Services: In line with Statement of Applicability: Wise Men_ISMS_SOA_V1.0


The Management of Wise Men is committed to implement the Information Security Controls in line with ISO 27001:2013 to protect the interests of our customers and other stakeholders. We ensure this through establishing a formal Information Security Management System (ISMS) with appropriate processes, creation of information security infrastructure, maintenance of ISMS and training all our associates. We ensure that all departments adhere to the requirements through formal audits conducted by internal and external agencies. Policies and procedures are defined for ensuring effective implementation of ISMS across all the projects and functions.


Wise Men Security Policy

At Wise Men, we believe Information security is one of our prime responsibilities to build trust and confidence in our customers and ensure that all Information assets generated by Wise Men Consulting are managed at the appropriate levels of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

We ensure this through a formal Information Security Management System, which is reviewed for effectiveness from time to time. We achieve this through involving all our associates and investing in technology solutions.


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