Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Is your business looking for a way to rapidly create new
experiences, increase productivity, and drive innovation?

Look no further than RTS’ Robotico Intelligent Process Automation (RIPA).

Our RIPA is a game-changing strategy that combines digital capabilities to deliver perceptive experiences and build
responsive business value chains, supercharging your organization for speed, productivity, and innovation.

With RPA, businesses can automate repetitive tasks quickly and accurately, allowing human workers to focus on more complex tasks that require creativity and critical thinking. The benefits of RPA include speed, quality, consistency, accuracy, audit trail, and quick ROI. Business leaders are embracing automation because digital workers (virtual employees or BOTS) can learn and be taught to act like humans, work 24/7/365, handle a high volume of repetitive tasks with precision, which leads to cost-effective error-free output.

RPA with AI
Combining RPA with AI

We take automation to the next level by combining RPA with AI, allowing you to mimic human activity through machine vision, speech recognition, and pattern detection capabilities. With Machine Learning, you can build a repository of knowledge that allows your Digital Workers to become “smarter” and more efficient over time, making more accurate decisions and improving your processes.

Our RIPA services provide an array of capabilities, IPs, and platforms that work together seamlessly. We combine competencies such as process mining, sensors, OCR, and stream and machine/human signals processing to sense, process modeling, process optimization techniques, document analysis, and NLP extraction to analyze, low code/no code capabilities such as case management, automation bots, API and Integration, business rules management, data virtualization, and DX APIs to react, and next best action, reinforcement learning, machine learning, and decision strategies to evolve. Our approach makes enterprises adaptable, flexible, and interoperable, powering organizations toward a cloud-first economy.

But how does RPA differ from AI and Machine Learning?

RPA, Machine Learning, and AI are a suite of tools designed to automate repetitive tasks, each with its own unique functions. Understanding the differences between RPA, Machine Learning, and AI is crucial to determine which tool is best suited for your business needs.

One key difference between RPA and Machine Learning/AI is their approach to decision-making. While RPA is rule-based and requires manual input of rules by humans, Machine Learning and AI are data-based and rely on algorithms to make decisions. This means that Machine Learning and AI require less human interaction compared to RPA, which requires programming to function properly.

Another key difference is in process improvement. RPA requires manual intervention to modify rules when the software is not working as expected. In contrast, Machine Learning and AI algorithms automatically update as new data is discovered, allowing them to better meet the evolving needs of your business.

RPA and Machine Learning
To achieve Hyper automation

To achieve Hyperautomation, it is important to integrate all three tools into your business. With RPA’s rule-based approach, Machine Learning’s data-driven decision-making, and AI’s ability to learn and improve processes over time, your business can achieve optimal efficiency and productivity. With our vast experience in automation technologies, RTS can help streamline your business processes and elevate your operations to new heights. Transform your organization from one focused on performing processes to one focused on adding more value added functions.

Many industries, including Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and more, can benefit from Digital Workers performing rule-based, repetitive tasks. And with RTS’ RIPA, we can help your business unlock the full potential of its data and AI, delivering world-class solutions that drive innovation and enable growth. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you transform your business with AI.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you transform your business with AI.

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