Activematrix Products

Wise Men has deep expertise in all TIBCO ActiveMatrix products to deliver the EAI, SOA, BPM and Complex Event processing initiatives.


Wise Men provides the following Integration architectural services

  • Integration Architecture Assessment and Strategy Consulting
  • Integration Initiatives Business Value Assessment
  • Application and Enterprise Integration Architecture Consulting


Wise Men believes in investing in people. As a result we have very focused and highly skilled TIBCO consultants with decades of experience in delivering complex projects. Using various artifacts from Wise Men-BTA, such as Interface Specification Templates, Decision tree guides, B2B partner agreement templates, Naming conventions, Versioning methodology, we provide development services in a consistent and repeatable manner. We follow agile methodology and believe in delivery value to stakeholders on every release.


We enjoy extremely low employee turnover in the industry and take pride in harnessing the knowledge base and maturing our methodology. We provide round the clock development services with our global delivery capability.


Following are development & training services we provide on TIBCO platform:

  • Development services for EAI, SOA and B2B Initiatives
  • Infrastructure & capacity planning, go-live/cut-over planning and support


We have expertise in following TIBCO products:

    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks and Adapters
    • TIBCO Hawk
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Policy Director
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Lifecycle Governance
  • B2B
    • TIBCO BusinessConnect
    • TIBCO Foresight
    • TIBCO Management File Transfer
  • Complex Event Processing
    • TIBCO BusinessEvents
  • BPM
    • TIBCO iprocess