MicroSourcing™ for Energy & Utilities

Wise Men has developed a trademarked solution called MicroSourcing™ an innovative form of strategic sourcing to streamline resource planning and reduces costs. MicroSourcing™ is a planned initiative to help our client’s IT department achieve long-term gains and execute critical operational activities to create sustainable knowledge management processes.


As organizations require more project-oriented outsourcing, MicroSourcing™ is a natural next step. MicroSourcing™ is not about SLAs or multi-party agreements; rather it is about replacing transactional sourcing, which requires multiple initiatives to deliver successful results. Resource planning and cost reduction is the need of the day for most organizations and MicroSourcing™ addresses that very challenge by providing leverage over traditional sourcing.


How does MicroSourcing™ Work?  MicroSourcing a model which has 2 components: Core and Flex and both teams are managed ultimately by the Client and Client Managers and are seamlessly integrated with Client employees to create one big support and development team.


The strategic focus of Wise Men’s MicroSourcing™ Practice includes:

  • Create a cost savings center
  • Maintain a high service quality level
  • Maintain SLA and security levels
  • Easier access to the talent pool
  • Better ramp up and ramp down times
  • Reduce future operational costs
  • Increase focus on innovation
  • Knowledge management
  • Focus on customer outcomes
  • Create Center of Excellence


Through MicroSourcing™, Wise Men delivers a cost savings of 25% or more, which directly impacts our clients’ bottom line.

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