Professional Services—Utilities

Wise Men has been working with several Utility companies for 21+ years. We have extensive experience with Transmission and Distribution companies managing their Development, Production Support, AMI, Smart Grid, Analytics, Integration, ERP environments. We are also helping our clients migrate their traditional IT landscape to the Digital landscape.

Custom Collection Engine (CCE)

Traditionally, collection systems for Advanced Metering and Smart Grid applications have been developed to work with specific functional partners making it difficult for utilities to use AMI/ Smart Grid infrastructure based on overall system selection. When new/updated components of software are introduced, there is no simple functional way to test the new components/systems within the production environment without providing a full upgrade of the system.


Wise Men is proposing a new software component called the Custom Collection Engine (CCE) which is implemented on top of any data collection system interfacing metering/sensor networks within the utility. The CCE will provide the utility a common interface enabling vendor independence when selecting new meters, sensor systems or integrating acquired systems, thus reducing training time and costs.

Existing Issues at Utilities

  • Smart Grid is rapidly expanding with Grid Modernization, integrating with DA devices, new edge intelligence, Smart Cities integration and expanding to IoT.
  • As more Grid Modernization infrastructures are implemented, ADMS, Planning Systems, Analytics and Streaming Analytics will NEED to be integrated. This will be very costly.


What is Custom Collection Engine (CCE)

Custom Collection Engine (CCE) provides an overarching integration for electric, gas, water, sensor, edge, systems etc. The CCE also provides a single view into the various systems, providing Utilities a unique operational view of integrated electric, gas, water, smart building, streetlight, and grid sensor systems.

CCE Interfaces

  • CCE integrates each downstream system, for eg. OpenWay Collection Engine, Sensus FlexNet headend, SSN Utility IQ etc. These are integrated using the system’s programmatic interfaces, keeping the underlying operation isolated to that given system and will be translated into a common set of data and operational procedures.

CCE Architecture

  • Consider a new ABB sensor network is deployed and integrated. The Utility and Field Services interfaces are updated to integrate the ABB system. Data and operations are normalized to a common view/process. Utility systems needing sensor information subscribe to the CCE. New sensor systems would then map into the common sensor model to map to the upstream systems and UI. This provides a common architectural layer enabling the Utility to add and remove systems in a modular way.