Oracle DBA Support

We offer Flexible models like On-demand, Daytime or 24×7 Support


Oracle DBA Support team offers both Core Oracle DBA as well as Oracle Apps DBA Services.  As part of our service we do: Daily Database Health Checks, Monitoring Dashboard/Alerts, Regular Housekeeping Activities, Coordinate with Oracle Support for Service Requests/Technical Assistance Requests, Monitoring Database Backups and Archives Logs, Provide Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Implement Solutions to Prevent future Occurrences,  WiseDesk Support for Service Management, Project Management Activities (Project Planning, Weekly/Daily Meetings, Status reports), Center of Excellence (Knowledge Management & Database) are some of the main differentiators of our Support Center.


Our Development Activities include: Cloning of Database from PROD to DEV/TEST/UAT, Periodic Service Updates (PSU) Patches, Automation Scripting for Cloning, DB Installation & Upgrades, Non-RAC to RAC, Non-ASM to ASM), DB Migrations, Amalgamation of Databases etc


Our Database Installation and Deployment activities include: Detailed planning, Activity break-down, scheduling, Capacity Planning-Storage, Processors, RAM, SWAP, Backup & Disaster Recovery Strategy-RMAN, Snapshot, Active-Standby Replication, Manual (Hot & Cold), Unix and Windows Environment including Virtual Machines PR/SM (VMWare and lPAR), Storage Environments to name a few.


Sizing and Capacity Planning to include: Concurrent Users, Application Data, Number of Schemas, Response Time Requirement, SGA Sizing Calculations, Backup Strategy & Methodology, Resource Usage and Trend Analysis etc can all be done by a skilled onshore/offshore team.


Security Services include: SOX Compliances, Auditing Setup. Transparent Data Encryption, Oracle Data Redaction, Oracle Advanced Security Architecture (Encryption, Authentication, Data Integrity), Controlling and Monitoring User Access to the Database, Enrolling Users & Maintaining System Security