SOA Administration

Service Oriented Architecture empowers companies to change applications to suit future business requirements. Service-Orientation encompasses an enterprise-scale business transformation program with a view to build a Self-Optimizing Enterprise which has superior ability to sense and respond to market challenges & opportunities with Agility (responsiveness), Efficiency (cost containment), and Resilience (adaptability).


Wise Men’s SOA services help organizations achieve better Business-IT alignment with clearly defined accountability. Our SOA solutions help the clients to unleash their vital business assets within and beyond the enterprise boundaries with true interoperability, independent of platforms, languages and protocols. We maximize the uptime of JavaCAPS platform to allow our clients to reach peak operational efficiency. This allows our customers to focus on building their business instead of dealing with the costs and hassles of managing the application integration support operations.


Wise Men provides the following support services:

  • 24/7 worldwide operational support
  • Monitoring and managing servers
  • Software installation and updates
  • Unparalleled service level agreements


Installation and Configuration

  • Weblogic and SOA Suite Installation
  • Multi-tier Cluster Configuration
  • Configuring SOA Components like BAM, BPM in a Weblogic domain
  • Configuring and Managing Node Manager and SOA Component Servers
  • Managing Enterprise Deployment Architecture for SOA Components
  • JMS Clustering and Load Balancing and Configuration


Deployment and Tuning

  • Creating a Deployment Plan using WLST and ANT scripting to handle bulk deployments in a cluster environment which includes redeploying and un-deploying composites
  • Grouping SOA composite applications into partitions
  • Tuning parameters of JVM, Java heap, Thread settings, Garbage Collection parameters, etc.
  • Tuning JDBC connection pools, Statement Caches, Transactions
  • Tuning JMS clients, Defining Aggregation and message pipeline, describing persistence technique, Listing Throttling techniques


Securing SOA environment

  • Creating security realms, roles, policies
  • Integrating OIM/LDAP
  • Configuring SSL certificates and Enabling encryption and decryption of messages


Monitoring and Support

  • Daily monitoring of Heap size, data sources, JVM and Managed server status using WLST scripts to generate reports
  • Integrating BAM with EM and SOA applications to configure dashboard reports which represents live data with auto refresh options
  • Monitoring faulted instances, analyze and recover using recovery options
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Incident and Problem Management
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and environment maintenance
  • Flexi-Support Model (8×5, 16×5, 24×5, 24×6, 24×7)
  • Unbeatable Service Level Agreement


Tools that can be built to monitor and support the environment

  • Monitoring STUCK threads/ Hogging threads
  • WLST Script to Change User Password For Multiple Domains
  • Setup JMS using WLST
  • Retiring/Activating SCA composites and Enabling/ Disabling OSB proxy/business services
  • Recursive Deployment of SCA/OSB code
  • Starting and stopping Data Source using WLST
  • Monitoring data sources and alerting
  • Instance purging