Oracle DBA Support

Wise Men provides Administration, Maintenance and Support for the following:

Core Oracle DBA Services
Oracle Apps DBA Services

Monitoring and Support

  • 365x24x7 Support
  • Flexi-Support Models (8×5, 16×5, 24×5, 24×6, 24×7)
  • Daily Database Health Checks
  • Monitoring Dashboard / Alerts
  • Regular Housekeeping Activities
  • Coordinate with Oracle Support for Service Requests / Technical Assistance Requests
  • Monitoring Database Backups and Archives Logs
  • Provide Root Cause Analysis(RCA) and Implement Solutions to Prevent further Occurrences
  • WiseDesk Support for Service Management
  • Project Management Activities (Project Planning, Weekly / Daily Meetings, Status reports)
  • Center of Excellence (Knowledge Management & Database)

Development Activities

  • Cloning of Database from PROD to DEV / TEST / UAT
  • Periodic Service Updates (PSU) Patches
  • Shell/Perl scripts for Database Monitoring
  • Automation Scripting for Cloning and other Activities
  • DB Installation & Upgrades (10g to 11g, 11g to 12c, Non-RAC to RAC, Non-ASM to ASM)
  • DB Migrations (Windows to Unix / Linux, Unix to Linux, 32bit to 64bit)
  • Amalgamation of Databases
  • Homogeneous / Heterogeneous Databases Integration
  • Enabling NLS (National Language Support)

Database Installation and Deployment

  • Detailed planning, Activity break-down, scheduling
  • Capacity Planning-Storage, Processors, RAM, Swap
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Strategy-RMAN, Snapshot, Active-Standby Replication, Manual (Hot & Cold)
  • Unix and Windows Environment including Virtual Machines PR / SM (VMWare and lPAR)
  • Storage Environments VERITAS, EMC and NetApp (ASM & Non-ASM)
  • Clustering-RAC, VERITAS Cluster Server, IBM HACMP
  • Scripting and Script Automation
  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control-Installation, Configuration
  • SOX Compliance Setups and Periodic Auditing Reports Generation
  • Performance Tuning-Gather Stats, Explain plan, SQL Profiles, In-active Sessions, DB Locks, AWR / ADDM Reports

Database Upgrade and Platform

  • Upgrade Strategy & Planning
  • Upgrade Oracle Databases-10g-11g, 10g-12c, 11g-12c
  • Move Oracle Databases from Windows-Unix, Unix-Linux
  • Storage Migration from non-ASM to ASM
  • Consolidation of Schemas / Database(s)
  • Clustering-RAC and non-RAC
  • Synchronizing User Accounts, Grants and Security
  • Test Plan-To ensure and validate seamless Upgrade / Migration
  • Re-Install / Re-Configure OEM Agents
  • Enable New Version Features to reap the Benefits of the Upgrade

Performance Management & Monitoring

  • SQL Query Analyzer
  • Data file(s) Defragmentation
  • Automatic Workload Repository(AWR) Reports and Analysis
  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor(ADDM) Reports and Analyses
  • Periodic Execution of Gather Stats
  • Rebuild Indexes
  • DB Performance Improvement Parameters Tuning
  • Monitoring Locks
  • Monitoring Wait Events and long Running Sessions
  • Analyzing Diagnostic Data
High Availability Solutions:

Oracle Solutions

  • Real Application Cluster
  • Oracle Clustering
  • Data Guard
  • Grid Control
  • Oracle Flashback Technology
  • RMAN Backup & Recovery

Other Solutions

  • VERITAS Clustering
  • NETAPP Snap Manager

Sizing and Capacity Planning

  • Concurrent Users
  • Application Data
  • Number of Schemas
  • Response Time Requirement
  • SGA Sizing Calculations
  • Rollback Segments
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Backup Strategy & Methodology
  • Resource Usage and Trend Analysis


  • SOX Compliances
  • Auditing Setup
  • Transparent Data Encryption
  • Oracle Data Redaction
  • Secure Socket Layer Certificates Filtering
  • Encryption Algorithms (3DES, AES)
  • Database Vault Setup & Configuration
  • Oracle Advanced Security Architecture (Encryption, Authentication, Data Integrity)
  • Controlling and Monitoring User Access to the Database
  • Enrolling Users and Maintaining System Security