TIBCO Administration

Wise Men provides the following TIBCO administration services.


Installation and Configuration

  • Installation and configuration of following TIBCO products standalone or on AMX platform where applicable
    • B2B-MFT and BusinessConnect including all protocols
    • BusinessWorks
    • EMS
    • Various Adapters
    • BusinessEvents including ActiveSpaces
    • MDM
    • Spotfire
    • BPM
    • TIBCO PSG’s CLE framework
  • Latest minor release and patches applied as necessary
  • Support all operating systems as supported by TIBCO
  • High availability configuration



  • Installation and configuration of Hawk
  • Hawk rule bases for all environments
  • Configuring startup and stopping scripts of all TIBCO products
  • EMS queue depth monitoring
  • Monitoring of dependent custom applications using AMI based micro-agents
  • Installation and Configuration of TIBCO PSG’s Hawk Accelerator Kit
  • Integration with other monitoring tools such as Openview
  • Integration with ticketing tools such as Remedy


Wise Men ADF-Automated Deployment Framework

  • Wise Men has an Automated Deployment Framework which can be implemented in a short timeframe to help automate deployment and promotion process for TIBCO projects.
    • Saves a lot of time for customer instead of building such framework from ground up
    • Supports version control repository
    • Drastically improves develop-debug-deploy cycles
    • Eliminates human errors for deployments
    • Helps standardize deployment and promotion process