With over 12 years of experience in positioning and implementation of TIBCO products, Wise Men is the trusted choice for both existing and new customers. We provide system integration for TIBCO’s entire spectrum of product line in addition to the development and support of vital enterprise application integration adapters.


Wise Men with TIBCO, catalyze IT-led innovation that simplifies complexity and creates a single digital nervous system for the enterprise. This generates faster flow of information and provides seamless collaboration by giving the right individual the right information at the right time.


Wise Men implements TIBCO projects using its Integration Methodology based on a decade of experience delivering complex TIBCO projects while solving critical business problems. Our Integration Methodology is part of our Wise Men Business Technology Alignment Framework or Wise Men-BTA. Wise Men BTA is an actionable approach which helps achieve technology transformation and alignment. The Wise Men BTA contains reference architectures, decision trees, various integration standard documents, patterns, specifications and project plan templates.


Our team of highly skilled TIBCO consultants have worked in several complex projects and have decades of experience providing integration solutions for critical business problems. Our certified professionals guarantee that our TIBCO architecture, development, administration and consulting services are the best in the business. Wise Men deploys best-of-breed people, systems and processes to mitigate risks in our client’s critical middleware production environment.


Wise Men – TIBCO Partnership Overview:

  • Deep understanding of TIBCO product roadmap driven by decade-long engineering and support partnership with TIBCO
  • Domain specific service offerings unleashing technical and domain expertise
  • Distinctive competency in leading technology developments around Complex Event Processing, Business Process Management and API Management
  • Strong CoE and partnership enables incubation and up skilling in latest technologies