The most well known technology used for Big Data is Hadoop. For constantly changing digital environments where the volume and availability of unstructured data is huge, Hadoop is the platform of choice for many organizations. Hadoop provides solutions to store huge quantities of data (petabytes or even more) at very low cost with no format requirements.


Wise Men’s expert team of HADOOP professionals helps companies to store, process, and analyze petabytes of information. The primary benefit of Hadoop is in data infrastructure savings and performance improvements, however, the major advantage of using HADOOP technology is in the form of insight which gives a rich customer experience and increases revenue growth.


The smartest Hadoop strategies begin with choosing recommended distributions, then maturing the environment with modernized hybrid architectures, and adopting a data lake strategy based on Hadoop technology.


Wise Men helps business users rapidly and effortlessly find valuable insights in vast Hadoop datasets.  Our talented teams of Hadoop experts have vast experience in best practices that are the essential ingredients for a project’s success with Hadoop. Our team evaluates client’s big data challenges and goals, then creates a custom solution that matches their precise business requirements— whether it is superior performance and scalability, database modernization or advanced analytics.


Wise Men has created innovative solutions for clients across Apache Hadoop and all of its ecosystem components including: Kafka, Hive, Pig, MapReduce, Spark, HDFS, HBase and more. We provide Hadoop support especially the way you want – pre-priced or customized, and for both short-term and long-term assistance.