Business is generating more data than ever before, and the importance of that data has increased exponentially. It is like a deep sea of information in which we dive every day and come out with vast zettabytes of data flowing from our computers, mobile devices, and machine sensors. Big data is an opportunity for businesses to get an insight of valuable streams of data from customer purchasing habits to inventory status.


Wise Men’s team of data scientists can help you extract the value contained in the data you already collect every day, from underutilized asset into significant new opportunities and revenue. We deliver a platform for data analytics which planks down the value of Big Data directly in the hands of all analysts and decision makers. The backbone of our Big Data Analytics is our team which is an excellent mix of exceptionally strong analytical skills with the ability to work collaboratively with our clients to solve complex problems and communicate recommendations in an unequivocal manner.


The Wise Men Advantage

We enable CIOs to get real-time, proactive analytics which empower their businesses to make speedy decisions. We help organizations in leveraging all the information that resides inside Big Data environments and blend it with external datasets to extract the maximum information out of all available data sources. With over 20 years, Wise Men has a long and successful track record of delivering benefits to the Oil & Gas and Utility industry. Our highly scalable platform and team of experts scale down the risks of technical ownership and expedite innovation and calculate time to market.


Key Wise Men Capabilities for Big Data Analytics:

  • Knock down data silos, uncover the unknowns and establish holistic data strategies
  • Prepare and synthesize data within as well as outside of Big Data environments in a repeatable workflow that waive off coding and accelerates the time to insights
  • SAP HANA analytics, IBM Big Insights (Hadoop) and NoSQL development
  • Speech Analysis and Prototype Assessment-Ideally suited for assessing real-time business challenges involving the processing of in-motion Big Data
  • Balance assets with liabilities through strategy and infrastructure, so only the relevant data pools inform personalization, forecasting and monetization
  • Simplify sharing of Big Data analytics via outputs to Tableau, or interactive analytic apps that can be used by any decision maker
  • Analyze all data, structured and unstructured, throughout data and application lifecycles to unify disparate legacy data and the onslaught of new data
  • Evaluate the impact of business strategy /service delivery options on future business performance to provide confidence the change is robust


Big Data Technology Mix

Wise Men has partnered with global leaders like IBM, SAP and Splunk to provide Big Data solutions for its clients. Wise Men Big Data practice helps organizations gain insight into their data with microsecond latency and NoSQL, handling over 1 million transactions per second. The commercial platforms and applications we specialize and are certified in include:

  • IBM Streams
  • IBM Cognos
  • IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer
  • Oracle BI
  • IBM Data Warehouse
  • SAP BI
  • Splunk


Our Expertise and Unique Approach with Big Data

The essence of our approach is the skill to abstract a model of the real-life problem that is intuitive to use, yet sufficiently realistic to support robust decision-making. These models are perfect to provide insight, to evaluate risks and benefits associated with solutions to complex business problems.


We have a team of experienced business analytical consultants and our engagements draw on the basis of their expertise to provide insight and advice to clients, using techniques such as visual process simulation, optimization and scheduling, system dynamics, data mining and segmentation, forecasting and statistical analysis. Wise Men provides analytical solutions for both cutting edge Big Data and traditional Analytics. In Wise Men, we optimize global networks of qualified Business Intelligence professionals, cross-skilled in multiple technology platforms and engage global operations in multiple countries.