The Manufacturing industry is going through a big transformation driven by the need to streamline operations and develop services that differentiate the customer experience. The lack of integration and visibility has created a number of issues which include inefficient operations and slow response times both in the factory and in the market, poor quality control, high overhead costs, and compromised security.


For manufacturing organizations to stay ahead of competition, the only solutions are to drive innovation, adopt new technologies, create quality products, and improve manufacturing processes. In the current dynamic global marketplace where the market is defined by globalization, competition and consolidation, Wise Men has uniquely positioned itself to help manufacturers innovate and stay competitive.


Wise Men provides a unified, secure, end-to-end digital manufacturing portfolio of solutions, the foundation of which is a network architecture that enables and enhances automation, collaboration, and business intelligence. Our strategy is to help manufacturing organizations amalgamate technology with business to stay competitive in a constantly changing economy. Wise Men’s team of dedicated business consulting professionals ensure that manufacturing clients get the business results they expect from their technology investments and outsourcing programs.


Wise Men’s Solution Approach:

  • We provide predictive maintenance by upgrading legacy systems and analyzing data to provide useful business insights
  • Less downtime, automated supply chain, improved tracking & scheduling, and visualization of processes are some of the components of our solution
  • Wise Men’s team applies cross-platform compatibility and cooperation to reach out to a wider client base and connect with customers
  • By using Next Generation AMS, we focus on reducing costs and improving productivity
  • Modernization of legacy systems, reducing time-to-market through the use of agile practices, and automation are some of the elements of our solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
  • Our offerings magnify the business value delivered by reducing cost and optimizing IT processes
  • We also help clients to understand the bigger value in ERP-led engagements with best practices & methodology and a proven delivery model
  • We align best practices and emerging technology forces like cloud computing, mobility and digital marketing to enhance the manufacturer’s competitiveness
  • Our expertise in providing solutions that can be used to solve complex engineering problems and drive productivity