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Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Wise Men has been servicing clients for 25+ years and our approach is to take a business problem and offer a sustainable and effective solution to our large, and small customers.  Examples of some of the projects Wise Men has done are:

Detroit Electric (DTE): Oracle to the HANA Platform

Wise Men in collaboration with SAP America and Itron Inc, re-platformed Itron’s Enterprise Edition (IEE) Meter Data Management (MDM) from Oracle & SQL Server enabling it to run on SAP’s advanced in-memory database HANA. IEE supports utilities to provide interval and event data processing for residential, commercial, and Industrial (C&I) customers. This allows information to flow into the SAP billing system seamlessly and also enables utilities to get analytics real time rather than after the fact

Itron Inc. SQL and Oracle to the HANA Platform

Wise Men was responsible for migrating SQL Server and Oracle DB to SAP’s HANA platform. We put together an onshore/offshore team consisting of SAP HANA, MDM domain experts, C#, SQL Developers, Architects, BA, QA testers. The team worked for 8 months to code, validate, optimize and migrate 7,500+ complex components to SAP’s HANA platform improving efficiency multi-fold

A Large Utility with 10M Meters Custom Collection Engine

Traditionally, collection systems for Advanced Metering & Smart Grid applications have been developed to work with specific functional partners making it difficult for utilities to use AMI/ Smart Grid Infrastructure on overall system selection. Additionally, when new/updated components of the headend software are introduced, there is no simple way to test the new system within the production environment without providing a full upgrade of the system. Finally, when utilities make acquisitions, this inflexibility makes system integration very complex and costly. Wise Men proposed a new software component called the Custom Collection Engine (CCE) which is implemented on top of any data collection system interfacing metering/sensor networks within the utility. The CCE provided an abstraction layer to the underlying collection engines by utilizing their given functionality and also a common interface, both programmatically and visually enabling vendor independence when selecting new meters, sensor systems or integrating acquired systems. The CCE also supports different versions of the same underlying collection engines to enhance migration strategies as well as to provide a common user interface both within the utility infrastructure and mobile applications.

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