Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry has been grappling with narrowing margins, expiring patents, dwindling drug pipeline, price-sensitive markets, industry consolidation, and rising adoption of personalized medicine. In addition, one of the biggest challenges the industry faces is managing the cost of raw materials and the cost associated with regulatory compliance. With strict regulations that vary from country to country, it is important that as an organization, they ensure compliance, as even a small oversight can lead to millions in losses. Information technology supports a range of business processes within the Life Sciences industry ranging from drug discovery and clinical trials to marketing and compliance, helping the industry win over the problems.


Life Sciences Solutions and Services from Wise Men help Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Devices and Diagnostics companies to accelerate drug discovery, advance clinical trial efficiencies, accentuate manufacturing productivity and amplify sales and marketing effectiveness.


Our solutions address strategic, tactical and operational aspects of the supply chain which are required for product serialization in Life Sciences organizations. We offer best practice solutions for the Life Sciences industries including transformative data management and analysis, centered on SAP HANA, SAP’s powerful in-memory analytics solution. Wise Men is focused to deliver quantifiable business value to the Life Sciences companies through unmatched domain expertise, innovation and execution.


How SAP Solutions can benefits your business:

  • Accelerate speed to market through collaboration across a number of key functions
  • Identify and rapidly seize new opportunities using powerful analytics
  • Improve patient safety and reduce drug recalls
  • Strengthen relationships with wholesalers, caregivers, payers, and patients
  • Boost sales effectiveness with real-time insights


Why choose Wise Men Life Science Solutions?

  • Wise Men has accumulated a considerable amount of experience in providing IT solutions that add value to customers’ enterprises and help clients be more competitive and make more informed decisions
  • Our solutions allow organizations to streamline training of key personnel, comply with government regulations and facilitate the delivery of critical information to the right stakeholders
  • Extensive experience in healthcare industry enables us to deliver powerful solutions that elevate the quality of care while reducing healthcare costs. As an emerging organization, we help our clients replace their ageing, legacy tools with flexible cloud-based applications that allow them to enhance the overall patient experience and focus on clinical outcomes
  • We offer services in critical areas of population health management, healthcare analytics, portal/mobile based telehealth patient engagement frameworks, application integration and cloud services