Ramesh Atakari

In 1991 the world was introduced to the world wide web, which came as the 3rd great wave of invention as well as disruption. Along with this explosive new technology came the ability for businesses to collaborate with other businesses halfway across the globe with just the click of a button! Innovation and efficiency sky-rocketed and the world wide web brought about change that opened a plethora of opportunities for many individuals such as Ramesh. Ramesh started his career as a programmer and climbed his way up to lead a development team. Ramesh, with his experience as a programmer and a leader taught his team to visualize the collaboration of technology and business to help provide the right solutions for IT and Business processes that would be efficient and cost effective.

Ramesh has been in many leadership roles in IT services and strategies in verticals such as Insurance, Utilities, Banking and Shipping verticals. His experience and knowledge bring an innovative edge to Wise Men’s ability to provide quality and cost-effective services to our clients.